Exercise Physiology


What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

AAESS Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are 4-year University trained allied health professionals, who have met stringent accreditation criteria set by the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AAESS).

They have advanced skills to assess clients, to develop and monitor a safe and effective exercise or rehabilitation program, regardless of the clients medical history or present fitness levels.

Exercise Physiologists at Peak Health Centre specialise in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. Such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depressions, cancer, arthritis and many more.

The Exercise Physiology industry is a mainstream allied health profession widely recognised in the healthcare sector.

The AAESS website defines an ‘Exercise Physiologist’ as a professional from within the field of exercise science who has specialised in either health and fitness or exercise rehabilitation streams.


Health and Fitness Assessments

Assessments are a vital ingredient in measuring an individuals function to help with appropriate exercise prescription, highlight deficiencies while also offering a comparative measure for future reference and progress checks.

The physical function of the individual will be assessed to determine which areas are in most need of attention. Testing protocols are chosen and tailored to suit individuals limitations and requirements.


Medicare Rebates

To be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for Exercise Physiology services, patients will need to be referred by their GP and have their health managed through an Enhanced Primary Care Plan.

Eligible patients will be entitled to a total of five allied health visits a year, including exercise physiology services. Each of the five visits will attract a Medicare rebate.

Once on an EPC Plan your GP can refer you for up to 5 exercise physiology services per year.


Rebates through private health funds

Depending on the level of cover you are on, generous rebates are available through most health funds.


Work Cover

Exercise Physiology is WorkCover accredited to undertake rehabilitation services. The difference between Peak Health Centre and commercial gymnasiums is that these specialised programs are taken by an AEP, who will correctly prescribe corrective exercises to help the injured workers get back to work sooner.

The clinic facility is very clean and custom built, set up specifically for rehabilitative purposes; ensuring patients can undertake their sessions in a comfortable and professional setting.

AEP encourage case managers to approve these sessions as they are crucial to ensure that safe and effective exercise is prescribed to the injured worker, while assessments allow progress of the injured worker to be effectively measured and reported back to case managers.

Gym memberships at Peak Health Centre are also available to WorkCover patients after approval from their case manager is given.