Read what patients are saying…

Grant I started seeing Bill in August of 2007. I was involved in a car accident in 2005, where I suffered a bulging of the disc in L5/S1 region of my lower back. I had been experiencing pain in my lower back since the accident on a daily basis. The pain was always there and affected my life as I had to limit whatever I was doing or it would be too sore and painful.

As I started training with Bill within the first month, I noticed a change in the level of pain I was feeling in my back region. The pain was not as severe and I started noticing, that I could perform everyday tasks without the flare ups I was accustomed to feeling when I would do certain tasks.

Bill used education as a fundamental tool in helping me understand my injury, and what I could do to prevent further aggravation and ongoing pain. Bill now supervisors some of my training at the gymnasium, as I would now like to focus on adding a few more kilos of muscle, without hurting myself.

I highly recommend Bill, as I have seen improvements for myself, living with a chronic injury and now I am focusing on other areas of my health.

Wayne – Three years ago my life was severely impacted as a result of an injury to my right shoulder. I had continual pain in the shoulder which was exasperated by any movement. As a result I couldn’t lift anything with this arm and as a result my quality of life suffered as I was very limited in what I could do.

I spent two years seeing many Physiotherapists, Doctors and Specialists, having continual X-Rays, MRI Scans and Cortisone injections and paying out thousands of dollars in medical fees. At the end of this I was told that they didn’t know why I was having the pain and what else could be done except having exploratory shoulder surgery.

It was at this time that the manager at Broadway Gym recommended Bill Patselis to me. After examining my symptoms Bill designed a 6 week Enhance Primary care plan. At the end of the 6 weeks under Bills supervision, the range of movement in my shoulder had increased and I had considerable less pain.

It has now been 18 months since I first saw Bill for treatment. I no longer experience any pain and have full range of movement in the shoulder. For 9 months now I have been able to go to the gym and lift heavy weights.

Bill fixed my injury through the use of stretches and weights, without needing the use of chemicals or surgery. The shoulder no longer hinders me in any way and my quality of life is now back to normal.

Lance – I have known Bill since September 2006. Prior to meeting him I had sustained numerous sporting injuries including: a shoulder reconstruction in 1997; a badly torn calf in 2000 and chronic ankle strains. These injuries had often impeded and limited my training, and had the further effect of reducing my motivation. I had not followed proper rehabilitation with these injuries, and in the case of my shoulder had suffered from limited and restrictive movement in addition to constant pain that would often interfere with my sleeping.

Upon meeting Bill he completed a thorough check of my medical history and proceeded to devise a program of rehabilitation and resistance training that would ensure that I would gain optimal benefit from my training. In doing so he has patiently demonstrated all the exercises assigned to me, showing me the proper method and explaining how they will aid me. He has constantly monitored my progress to ensure that my rehabilitation and training have progressed at a speed that is comfortable and motivating. Recently I have had a re-occurring calf injury and Bill has shown me both how to manage and rehabilitate it, thus equipping me with the knowledge necessary to deal with it myself if it happens again in the future.

I have found Bill to be professional, knowledgeable, motivating and helpful. He is always willing to offer his assistance and advice, even on his own time. His enthusiasm and encouragement has been unwavering and he is also willing and available to answer any questions that I may have. He has an excellent rapport with his clients and communicates clearly and effectively.

In the past 2 years that I have been a client of Bill’s I have suffered no injuries that have affected my training or daily life to the same degree that I suffered before becoming his client. Further I no longer have lingering or chronic shoulder pain, and through Bill’s rehabilitation exercises I have gained a significantly greater range of motion in the joint. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill.

Allyn I was introduced to Bill by another personal trainer about two years ago. I have a permanent spinal defect that was causing me low-grade chronic pain and Bill was recommended as being able to help me with an exercise routine that would both strengthen my back and help alleviate the pain.

Within the first six weeks of training with Bill I was noticing improvements. The pain had gone from chronic to sporadic, my back and shoulders didn’t feel so restricted and people began to comment on the visible improvement in my posture. I also discovered, after years of not enjoying being in a gym and forcing myself to go sporadically, that I was actually enjoying myself.

Bill’s commitment to my health has been unwavering. He has helped me to work towards my goals and then worked with me to set new ones as I improved. Two years on, I don’t recognize myself. My back pain is a memory and I have the skills now to keep it that way by keeping my muscles strong and active. I feel fitter and more active now than I have ever been and with Bill’s continued help, I’m only going to keep improving.

Neville –I had been referred to see Bill Patselis the Exercise Physiologist in February 2008.

I have had a very sore lower back, I herniated my L4-L5 disc and this had caused me a lot of pain, and also affected what I could do. Walking for a little while or lifting multiple objects would bring lots of pain throughout the day. My back was always quite sore first thing in the morning as I was getting out of bed. I had been seeing physiotherapists for the last year and a half, without much relief, I would feel okay for a day or two, but the pain would always come back in my lower back.

I started seeing Bill at the start of 2008. I was very impressed by the energy and enthusiasm he showed me and also he explained what exactly my injury was, and the series of steps I had to take to improve and strengthen my muscles around my spine.

I can not thank Bill enough, as I go to work, wake up in the morning without any pain in my lower back, and do continuous tasks without pain or thinking about my back. I have no limitations in anything I do, Bill has advised me what I need to be doing on a constant basis to keep my back strong and flexible.

I am pleased to recommend Bill Patselis to anyone who has an injury or anyone that needs more advice on their particular condition.

Jo – Bilateral acetabular dysplasia. 

Sounds hideous, doesn’t it. Sounds like an infectious disease about to spread. It’s actually a condition where the femurs in the hips don’t sit properly in the cups, as the cups are wrongly shaped. Added to this the cartilage surrounding them deteriorates. I was born with bilateral acetabular dysplasia but I wasn’t diagnosed properly until I was forty years old and the only reason I was diagnosed with the condition was because a specialist, who was diagnosing something else for me – rheumatoid arthritis, put a name to my other condition. Two conditions in one visit. Just what a girl wants.

I was put on a drug called Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. This is a chemotherapy drug and extremely potent. It took my body a year to adjust to the side effects. I still have to have a blood test every eight weeks to make sure my liver is not damaged. The specialist told me that I would perhaps have to have a hip replacement further down the track for the hip condition but in the meantime I needed to exercise for both conditions.

And so I started at the gym. Prior to this the word gym, to me, was a boy’s name. At the time I was a size fourteen, very unfit and unused to exercise. A few years later I was still overweight, unfit and frustrated. A cycle had started and it went something like this: Do exercise, injure yourself, pull muscles, hurt your hip, rest up, put on weight, get better, go back to the gym, start again, do exercise, injure yourself … Added to this, every time I had an injury my specialist would inject cortisone and I would have to rely on prescription pain killers, Voltaren and other drugs.

In January 2008, whist just having been injected yet again with cortisone, I met Bill Patselis at the gym and decided to give training with him a go. When I told him I had bilateral acetabular dysplasia, he knew what it was. No other trainer I have ever spoken to knew what it was. This is because Bill is an exercise physiologist, not just a trainer. I was impressed and decided to commit to a program, even though it was very different from what I had been doing previously at the gym.

I had to adjust to a new way of thinking about exercise and one of the new ways was learning to be patient and build up my strength and my muscles gradually to avoid injury. The Swiss ball and I became very good friends, as did weights and other exercises I didn’t know existed. It was really hard at first but after a few weeks I started to be more flexible, less stiff in the joints, had less hip pain and more energy. And then a few months after that it got even better – the weight started to drop off!

Eight months later I am pain free, have decreased my medication and have dropped a dress size without restrictive dieting. I have learned a lot about how the body works, how to eat healthily and not be hungry, how to build up strength and lose weight without stressing my joints. I feel fantastic. Feeling this good also has flow on effects – I study better, sleep better and manage stress better.

For the first time in eight years I can use a treadmill and have in the past few weeks run on it for forty seconds. That might not sound amazing but for someone who at the worst times could barely walk without a walking stick it is miraculous. Bill showed me how to build up certain muscles with specific exercises to strengthen my whole body. Once those muscles became stronger I was able to exercise for longer periods. Then I was able to push myself harder. He also has taught me the importance of stretching, how to do it properly and has given me specific stretches for my physical problem areas. This is of paramount importance for people like me who live with a lifelong condition.

There is a difference between a trainer and an exercise physiologist. Bill has a university degree in exercise physiology and a high degree of a knowledge in areas that regular trainers don’t have. This is where it is important for people who have injuries, life-long medical conditions and complications with medications to find someone who understands their situation and who can design a program just for them.